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Februar 20 2018

International Doubles Kers League


Entry - $32 per Doubles team - Register in the shop here - International Doubles Kers

Complete Rules and Details in the document attached at the bottom of the page 


-          Minimum of 5 games and up to 20 games. A player who plays the max games in a match will also earn 5 additional free games (called Kers). Players can use their Kers for free games in that match or save them to use in another match later in the league. You can accumulate your Kers and use them anytime you wish but you must also play the max games in the match you wish to use them.

-          Players can also transfer their kers to other players on the same team.

-          Also the kers games that haven`t been used in the 501 league, will be transferred to the Cricket league.

-          Average of your 3 best games will be used each match.

-          Groups of 8 teams (minimum 2 players per team).

-          The average of each player will be assigned by a math formula using as a reference the mpr, ppd and player’s historical records. League groups will be ranked by this formula.

-          Teams with players without any average can play in groups with no average or groups with average.

-          Games can only be closed by players in the same group.


Two leagues:

-          501 LEAGUE: 501 open in/master out 50/50 15 rounds last chance (master levels double out split bull 25/50).

CRICKET LEAGUE: Cricket 15 rounds.

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